A Christian Guide to Divorce God’s Way


A guide to help individuals going through divorce see the entire process through the lens of faith, hope, and forgiveness while experiencing healing by accepting God's unfailing love and grace.




“Life is funny.  You can seemingly enjoy stretches of uneventful peace for years. Then, all of sudden, experience the type of soul jolting karate kick that can only come from situations that blindsided you with a sucker punch from the depths of hell.

These types of circumstances leave us scrambling to muster up dust mites of strength to even see what hit us, let alone determine our next steps or how to even began healing from the torrential rain of pain.

This is my journey told in a way that best describes how the arms of grace were forever open to receive the most broken places of my life and love me back to peace, love, and unspeakable joy that is only explainable by his uncanny resurrecting power that gives us unimaginable beauty for ashes when we choose to go through our most difficult circumstances his way


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