Take Charge Coaching is a dynamic personal and professional coaching program that allows individuals or groups the opportunity to take charge of their lives, business, and relationships!  By participating in a customized program tailored to meet your needs, Winter helps her clients identify hurdles, process through pain and roadblocks, and helps them achieve the results, confidence, or freedom they’ve always desired!


There are two types of coaching available, Individual and Group sessions.  Topics covered will be pain, forgiveness, moving forward, and embracing your purpose.  Sessions can also be tailored to address entrepreneurs or small business owners.  

Individual Coaching Sessions” – Individual coaching sessions are customized to meet the needs of our clients on a personal level.  These sessions are solely dedicated to the individual to address and meet their goals.

Group Coaching Sessions” – These sessions include a group of 3 or more individuals who want to take advantage of a personalized coaching at a discounted rate.  These sessions allow for support and facilitate constructive feedback within the group in efforts to help all individuals grown and learn simultaneously and their own pace.

I’d like more information!” – If you would like additional information about Take Charge Coaching, please send us a message to schedule a 15 minute consultation with the Coach.