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November 7, 2017

2017 DCHA Beyond the Voucher Gala

When I think of “Community”, I think of family. The thought of being surrounded by those who want to me succeed and want the best for my life is amazing. What I love about the concept of community is that it helps us to establish responsibility for those around us. It challenges us to remove the smoke screen of internal success and look externally to ensure that everyone around us is given a viable opportunity to win.  DCHA’s Beyond the Voucher program is an excellent representation of this.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend DCHA’s Beyond the Voucher Gala in DC at Tony & Joes last Monday. I did not know much about this initiative beforehand, but after attending this event, I left inspired. There is not enough I could say about this program and the countless lives that have been changed because of the work they do. I had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Ronald McCoy, the visionary of this initiative, and was astounded at the capacity of his love for his community. I would venture to say his legacy is definitely being cemented in his community as a result of this life changing program. To get a glimpse of Beyond the Voucher’s work, please view the following video:

As I looked around the room and observed the amount of commitment and support from the organizers down to the donors, I realized that this was a representation of being the change you want to see. If you live in the DMV area, find out how you can get involved. We are our brothers and sisters keeper and this organization is a direct reflection of just that!


DCHA Contacts (pictured above)

Ronald McCoy, HCVP Director

Cheryl Robinson, HCVP Deputy Director

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June 30, 2017

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

We can be too rigid in our thought process towards love. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of who people are yet, simplify it at the same time. I think the greatest thing people overlook is that life is life and since life is life we can never be fully prepared to encounter everything that comes our way. What we can do is embrace our strength to endure whatever we encounter.

I shared about my engagement ending and how difficult it was to express to people my relief that it was over. I think that the implications of a dead end relationship started to manifest in a way that to try and fight for it was a mute point. He didn’t want the relationship and I was honestly happy about it.

When I look back and see where we went wrong, there wasn’t really a whole lot to assess other than the fact that I believe he was ready and once he got in it, realized that he wasn’t. Some people will say that his actions were cruel. Why go through the hassle if you’re not sure? But looking objectively without villainizing him, he was sure until he started to encounter life which made him realize that he wasn’t where he needed to be to move forward. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. The great thing is that, it’s OK. Could his actions have been more admirable? Certainly. But we cannot always predict the actions of people. We can only be held responsible for our response and how we choose to move forward.

If we were supposed to know everything, life would be boring. We would entertain monotony in a way that makes humans cringe because we are constantly evolving in some capacity. Furthermore, the not knowing is also what makes life and love equally as sweet. With each person you encounter there is a possibility of something wonderful be it love or friendship. That hope makes the world go round and the possibilities are endless because when you finally know, you’ll know. And you’ll often times know it is right because of all that has gone wrong!

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March 23, 2017

You Got What You Thought You Deserved

I couldn’t believe it!  Sounding like the broken record, “Here I was again on my own!”  Heard it all before, done it all before, seen it all before, and I was sick of it.  There was not a thing one of my friends could tell me that would ease the blatant truth that slapped the cold hard taste out of my mouth.  I don’t apologize to myself unless it’s necessary, but I owed this apology.  I failed me.  I let me down and I couldn’t point the blame at anyone but myself.

It took some days to let the sting wear off but it did.  Oh boy, and when it did, I had a trail of facts that I had tucked away ever so nicely in my pocket of “but we talked about that”.  Communication is about clarification and when we fail to clarify, we fail to communicate.

I noticed a shift after a few months.  Conversations got more and more difficult and borderline non-existent.  I would either be given the silent treatment or I would be fussed at for not understanding. Which infuriated me, because I’m a lot of things, but I’m not stupid.  I just wanted to have an honest conversation.  What I learned is that this it is very difficult to achieve with a person who avoids conflict and is hypersensitive to words.  So I left it alone and watched as the ship of intimacy sailed far away from our grasp.  The other reality that I had to face was that he wanted it that way.

When the winds of change hit us and force us to reflect on the direction from which it came, it’s tough.  And it’s tough because the answer was always before us.  Love is blind and love is sight at the same time. It blinds us to what we should see, and reveals that which we try to cover.  There was so much that my magnifying glass of hindsight revealed that it arrested my thoughts.  It wasn’t until I had a discussion with my oldest daughter that I had to face the truth of what I allowed.

Kids are amazingly perceptive and wise.  We do not give them enough credit.  She says to me, “Mom, you can do better than you think you can.  I know everything with dad hurt your self esteem but it shouldn’t. You’re a heck of a catch and men should have to work to catch you.  You’re too nice.  If  he doesn’t want to work for you, then he doesn’t deserve you in the first place.  Don’t choose trifling men who should be happy to have you on their arm.  You can do better.”  I just sat there, dumbfounded by her profound insightful dialogue.  She was right.

I had to acknowledge that although I had forgiven my ex, my self esteem was still being healed.  So I dated at the level of my self esteem.  I’ve always dealt with people judging me based off my looks, so again, I dialed down who I was so people didn’t see me as stuck up or unapproachable.  I especially did this with men.  Many of us do this as a method of self preservation.  But it’s not healthy.  If at any point you have to sacrifice who you are to accommodate someone else’s insecurities, then they immediately make themselves unqualified to intimately be in your presence.

We can’t always say that someone changed.  People for the most part remain the same while certain parts of them evolve.  We have to be willing to look at people for who they are and not who we hope they can be.  So I sat with who I was and who I had become while trying to save an evaporated relationship.   I had to make a decision to resurrect the woman of strength that had been through far worse things than this.

I made a promise to myself that I will always honor because who likes to take a test twice.  It’s not that they just turned out to be no good, they weren’t good from the start.  We didn’t think we were good enough to deserve better, so we got what we thought we deserved and we deserve better than that!

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September 7, 2016

2016 Created 2 Be Conference

The 2016 Created 2 Be Conference is less than 2 months away and the excitement is building!!

Life can be confusing and we all seek to find answers. The Created 2 Be Conference is a dynamic two-day experience to help you navigate through life with the help and fellowship of like-minded individuals. Be sure to save the dates of October 21 & 22, 2016 so we can personally spoil you while you experience our amazing speakers, featuring world renowned motivational speaker, Marcus Gill and outstanding worship concert led by Christian recording artist, Jeff Walthall.  Join us with an expectation to be loved, embraced, pampered, strengthened, uplifted, and to laugh. Our prayer for the Conference is that we all will be more fully awakened and receptive to God’s incredible love, that we will experience His presence more deeply and intimately, and that we will allow His Holy Spirit to quicken us to understand our value and purpose.

May you fully realize the impact and influence you have on your family, community, and personally experience His joy and strength.  We can’t wait to see you at this life-changing weekend.

Please be aware that we offer special rates for groups of 10 or more. For vendor or sponsorship opportunities visit our site for more information on how you can be a part of this life changing weekend or to attend

You can register by clicking on the link below!

Can’t wait to see you there!
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August 22, 2016

Book Release Announcement

I’m honestly at a loss for words in a lot of ways.  It is hard to believe that I finally made it to this point after all these years.  God has been so good me.  The psalmist was correct when they said that 10,000 tongues was an insufficient number to adequately praise Him enough for His goodness to us all.  The Defined by Grace Devotional and A Christian Guide to Divorce God’s Way are such a beautiful reflection of His grace, healing, and love at work in my life.  If you are ever doubtful of God’s faithfulness in your own life, please use mine as a barometer to serve as a reminder that He is indeed faithful.  After spending years spinning my wheels, I’m finally walking in a purpose that feeds the depths of my soul that is unexplainable in a way that gives my life joy & meaning.  Every day I wake up to new opportunities engulfed in His infinite mercy that enables me to truly walk out His will for my life.   My life is not perfect and feel like my life has just begun.  The remarkable thing about the last couple of years is that I feel like I’ve been given a new set of lungs and it feels good to finally breath again 😉

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June 13, 2016


Life is too short to haphazardly go through each day barely existing! That used to be me until I realized that I wasn’t a participant in my own life. I can remember the day I chose to truly LIVE & my life hasn’t been the same since. Don’t let the troubles of this world leave its imprint on you, leave your imprint on the world. Today’s a new day, get out there and LIVE!!

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May 24, 2015

My Heart Finally Grew Up

If I had a dollar for every time I heard how different I looked in the last six months, I’d be on my way to being a solid millionairefollow. I usually reply with thanks or I’m just happy. While it’s much deeper than that, I go with it for the sake of time. I had a friend text me, who’s not even on social media, after she was shown a recent picture of me. She said I looked radiant. I honestly can’t take any credit, I refuse to. If I had enough time to tell you in words how much junk has been cleared from depths of my soul, then maybe you would understand my reluctance. We go through life as human trash cans, absolutely accepting every bit of the filth and garbage that life’s circumstances or negativity can throw our way. We then spend our lives trying to maneuver our way out the bottom of the barrel or remove the stench from its damage. Our hearts are absolutely clouded with residue and incapable of embracing the joys of life because in a lot of ways we’ve gotten comfortable living in garbage. I share my experience because my life has been an example of all that grace isn’t and is. I’m not perfect by any means these days, but I live free, open to life’s ups and downs, and with confidence in who I’m called to be. I’m fresh out of apologizing for it. As long as our hearts remain a landfill, we remain void of any potential for good to come our way. I spent many years struggling to shake the immaturity that came with a garbage heart. The simplest way I can put what has happened to me in the last year, is that my heart finally grew up!