When I think of “Community”, I think of family. The thought of being surrounded by those who want to me succeed and want the best for my life is amazing. What I love about the concept of community is that it helps us to establish responsibility for those around us. It challenges us to remove the smoke screen of internal success and look externally to ensure that everyone around us is given a viable opportunity to win.  DCHA’s Beyond the Voucher program is an excellent representation of this.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend DCHA’s Beyond the Voucher Gala in DC at Tony & Joes last Monday. I did not know much about this initiative beforehand, but after attending this event, I left inspired. There is not enough I could say about this program and the countless lives that have been changed because of the work they do. I had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Ronald McCoy, the visionary of this initiative, and was astounded at the capacity of his love for his community. I would venture to say his legacy is definitely being cemented in his community as a result of this life changing program. To get a glimpse of Beyond the Voucher’s work, please view the following video:

As I looked around the room and observed the amount of commitment and support from the organizers down to the donors, I realized that this was a representation of being the change you want to see. If you live in the DMV area, find out how you can get involved. We are our brothers and sisters keeper and this organization is a direct reflection of just that!


DCHA Contacts (pictured above)

Ronald McCoy, HCVP Director

Cheryl Robinson, HCVP Deputy Director