I’m honestly at a loss for words in a lot of ways.  It is hard to believe that I finally made it to this point after all these years.  God has been so good me.  The psalmist was correct when they said that 10,000 tongues was an insufficient number to adequately praise Him enough for His goodness to us all.  The Defined by Grace Devotional and A Christian Guide to Divorce God’s Way are such a beautiful reflection of His grace, healing, and love at work in my life.  If you are ever doubtful of God’s faithfulness in your own life, please use mine as a barometer to serve as a reminder that He is indeed faithful.  After spending years spinning my wheels, I’m finally walking in a purpose that feeds the depths of my soul that is unexplainable in a way that gives my life joy & meaning.  Every day I wake up to new opportunities engulfed in His infinite mercy that enables me to truly walk out His will for my life.   My life is not perfect and feel like my life has just begun.  The remarkable thing about the last couple of years is that I feel like I’ve been given a new set of lungs and it feels good to finally breath again 😉