I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion about a sensitive topic today started by a Facebook friend.  It’s one of the things I appreciate the most about social media. Various opinions given by people whose perceptions and beliefs have been shaped by their own unique experiences. I believe in marriage, but after leaving the discussion, there are many things that have stuck with me, but something that lingers the most is the realization that many people have gone through or are going through divorce. There are many of you reading this now in that very situation. If you are, then this post is for you. My friend said it best, no one dreams about getting divorced when they are little. You only dream about the wedding fairy tale until you realize that fairy tales only exist on the big screen. It has been said that if you really want to know how people feel about you, get a divorce. I watched my mom lose tons of friends during her divorce. People, for whatever reason, feel obligated to judge & choose sides and if they don’t know what to do pull away. What concerns me the most is that many of you in this place may feel neglected as a result, like your life is over, and that God cannot use you with this stigma attached to your history. The church has done a poor job in helping people rebuild when they’ve found themselves in this predicament. Can I just assure you today that regardless of how you got where you are, that the failure is ultimately staying where you are. I want you to forgive yourself & your spouse (or ex-spouse), learn from your mistakes, and move forward. God has not forgot about you & you are still of use to Him. The truth is that His-stories are composed of our history regardless of what stories fill the pages, he can use it all. What you have before you is a choice to turn the page, began again, and with His help, the ability to live out an ending that is epic. In case you haven’t heard it in a while, you are loved, you are special, you are important, you still matter, and it gets better!!